Annual dues for a combined GCPTA / apta membership are $55, which we put to good use in the following areas:


  1. Organization and management of the The Cleveland Masters and Cleveland Cup Paddle Tournaments.  We also provide administrative support to other local tournaments, such as the Blarney Cup & the Rally for the Cure events. 
  2. Organization and management of Men’s and Women’s fall and winter paddle leagues
  3. Organization and management of the Summer Paddle League (SPL)
  4. Provide marketing directed toward growing the base of paddle players in Northeast Ohio
  5. We support the marketing efforts of area clubs to connect new players to facilities
  6. We monitor the condition of all our paddle facilities and assist the area clubs in identifying cost effective measures to maintain these facilities to the highest level.
  7. We provide education programs to all skill levels, young and old.
  8. We connect new players to teaching professionals at all our local partner clubs.
  9. We seek to raise awareness of the sport through the coordination of public relations programs with local newspapers and television stations.
  10. Lead organization in the development of public paddle programs and facilities.
  11. Maintenance of Social Media platforms.
  12. Monetary support of the American Platform Tennis Association, which is the national governing body of platform tennis.

Breakdown of GCPTA Dues

$20 of your dues go to the GCPTA for the 2017/18 season (Sept. 2017-Aug. 2018).  This membership provides access to our Men's & Women's Leagues, as well as access to the Cleveland Cup Tournament.  You will also have complimentary access to participate in GCPTA sponsored clinics during Masters weekend and be eligible to play in the Cleveland Cup Tournament.  (Note: GCPTA dues do not cover the tournament entrance fee).

$35 of your dues go directly to the APTA for the 2017/18 season (April 1-March 31).  This membership provides access to all APTA sponsored tournaments (the Cleveland Masters, as well as all other regional and national paddle tournaments).  It will also include an annual subscription to the APTA Paddle Magazine. If you would like to learn more about the mission of the APTA please visit

In order to participate in any of the winter paddle leagues you do need to hold an active membership, either a full or paddle only membership, at any of the area clubs that offer paddle tennis.