Thursday Night Draft League: Players will sign up individually for the league, prior to September 23rd, and be placed on a team with a team Captain.  All skill levels are welcome.  On September 26th we will be having a draft party at CRC for all registered players to attend.  Captains will pick their teams draft style and set their teams for the season.  Play will be on Thursday nights at 7pm and begin on October 3rd.  This year there is a $75 registration fee (in addition to your $55 GCPTA fee).  This fee covers balls for the season, draft party, happy hours, playoff party, and league favor!  If you have any questions please contact the league organizer, Alex Solove, at  We will be sending out more details on the league prior to the season starting.  While balls are provided this year you are still responsible to sign for any beers you consume.  Please let Alex know if you are interested in being a team captain.  Please remember, you must be a member at a participating club!!