Cleveland Summer Paddle League 2019

We hope everyone has had a fun season of paddle.  The time has come to ramp up SPL (Summer Paddle League) for 2019.  The first seven years of SPL have been a phenomenal success.   With each year, we have grown; last year we had 250 players of all abilities, ages and genders participating.  Further, we were able to generate roughly $20,000 in revenues for the hosting clubs.  The quest for the coveted Golden Paddle, shown below on the right, will begin on May 7th, 2019. 

Details of the League are as follows:

·      When:  Tuesday nights from May 7th (Opening night siete de Mayo pre-party) through mid-September, culminating with the eighth annual Inferno Tournament on September 14th.  Start time will typically but not always be 7:00.

·      Where:  Like other leagues, the venues may rotate between all the clubs where there are SPL members.  In practice, we typically utilize four-court venues and make sure to bring revenues to those clubs.  In order to help compensate the hosting clubs, we ask that people do not bring their own beverages and make an effort to purchase them from the clubs. 

·      Who:  The league is open to all interested Cleveland paddle players of both genders.  Whether you are really good or new to the game, the league is set up to challenge everyone and more importantly to be FUN for everyone.   The only thing we ask is that you have been on a paddle court before and know how to keep score.  If you are a raw beginner, please inquire about lessons before the season begins- we can help! 

·      Cost: As always, your fee will go toward balls (a major cost that other leagues do not cover), t-shirts, prizes and an occasional SPL sponsored happy hour at one of the paddle venues.   The non-member fee, along with part of the regular dues, will be earmarked for the hosting clubs’ paddle budgets.  The fee structure is as follows:

§  Club Members and New Players ($100):  If you are a member of a club willing to host summer paddle, are a first-year SPL player, or are 25 years of age or younger, you fall into this category.   Your fee goes toward the direct costs of playing SPL paddle. 

§  Non-Members ($200):  If you are not at member at a paddle club willing to host SPL, and have played SPL before you fall into this category.  The additional $100 will go toward the paddle budgets of the hosting clubs to be used for paddle court maintenance.  This is a very reasonable cost to play paddle for the whole summer.  This fee category exists in the interest of helping the hosting clubs with court maintenance and to ensure that the hosting clubs are welcoming to SPL.  If you have been characterized as a non-member for three seasons or more, you are no longer eligible for SPL play – one of the goals of SPL is to encourage paddle club membership, not discounted non-member play.

To pay your league fee, please login to and click on “Leagues”. When you pay your fee, please provide a t-shirt size and take that actual size when you receive your t-shirt.

·      Format:  We are using the same general format as in the past which is intended to make the league FUN, different, exciting, and amenable to players of different skill levels and genders.  Sign up is individual, and there is no obligation to play every week.  Players have an option of opting in or out each week. 

§  Point System:  There will be point system that rewards not only good play, but also attendance.  Players will receive points for showing up and then receive more points for good play.   Point leaders will potentially win prizes at the end of the year, including the coveted SPL Golden Paddle.

§  Weekly Match Format:  We will typically use the same format as in the past.  Under this format, everyone plays four sets.  After each set, players switch partners and opponents in a pre-determined format.  Typically, the first set will be the most diverse where we mix more experienced players with less experienced players.  This is often, but not always, a mixed set.  The last set, which is longer than the others, typically is a same-sex set with players of similar ability.  Often, these same four people voluntarily play another set or two.  Typically, you play at least two sets with your own gender and then a set or two in a mixed format. 

·      Communication: Each week, players will receive an email from asking whether they will play the following week.  The accepted responses are “in”, “out”, and “I can play as a sub or if needed for even numbers.”  Every effort will be made for the number of players each week to be divisible by four.  Players can help ensure this by NOT cancelling on short notice.

Online communications will occur on and also on the “Cleveland Paddle” group on Facebook.  ClevelandPaddle is also on Instagram.

·      Rainouts:  In the event of a rainout, players will be notified via email as soon as possible.  Also, an attempt will be made to post this on the Facebook group.  We will not play in the rain or if it is lightning, but might play if it is lightly raining.  Please confirm it is officially rained out before deciding not to show up.  In the event of rain, we will allow a 20-minute window of rain.  The hut commander at each venue is responsible for this decision.

·      Questions:  Any questions or comments can be sent to the league directors at  The League Directors are Brent Luce ( and Lea Morris (  If you must call off with short notice, please text Brent AND Lea at 330-416-5509 and 216-990-6838

We are looking forward to another great year of SPL with even more participants than last year.

Brent & Lea